What are online mental health self-help programmes?

In this research study, ‘online mental health self-help programmes’ indicate apps, online programmes and other online resources that are offered as a way to improve mental well-being and cope with mental health problems.

Online mental health self-help programmes include:

1) Meditation apps – For example: Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm

2) Apps and online programmes for the self-management of stress, anxiety, depression, low mood, worry, panic, body image issues, eating disorders, etc. (to name the experiences that are more commonly the focus of such apps and online programmes). They can be comprised of a number of modules / sessions for people to work through, sometimes with support from a therapist, facilitator, or other ‘supporter’. For example: MindShift, SAM App (apps for anxiety); Pacifica, MoodTools (apps for stress, anxiety and depression); Moodgym, Aware Life Skills Online (online programmes for depression, stress and anxiety); Bodywhys SeeMySelf (online programme for body image issues); Suicide or Survive Wellness Workshop Online (online workshop to improve mental well-being and resilience).

3) Generic meditation timer apps and generic well-being and stress reduction apps, online programmes or courses

4) Any other online resource that you have used for self help with a mental health problem


PLEASE NOTE: Some, but not all, online mental health self-help programmes are offered specifically for mental health problems (e.g. those at number 2 above). If you have used an app, online programme, website or other online resource that is not specifically for a mental health problem, it still counts as an online mental health self-help programme as long as you have used it for self-help with a mental health problem. If you are still unsure about whether you have used an online mental health self-help programme, you can discuss with the Principal Investigator, Manuela Ascari at manuela.ascari3@mail.dcu.ie or 01-7008926.