The Use of Online Mental Health Self-help Programmes and Associated Technology by People with Mental Health Problems in their Everyday Lives – A Research Study

Welcome to this research website. 

This is a research study conducted by Manuela Ascari as part of her PhD project at the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health, Dublin City University, Dublin. You are invited to take part in this study.

This research has been approved by the Dublin City University Research Ethics Committee.

‘Online mental health self-help programmes’ are apps, online programmes and other online resources that are offered as a way to improve mental well-being and cope with mental health problems. You can check this page if you are unsure whether an app, online programme or other online resource that you have used is an online mental health self-help programme.

The aims of this research study are to explore how online mental health self-help programmes are used by adults in Ireland to get support for a mental health problem, and to understand what place technology has in the experience of using such online tools for mental health support.

The research has two Phases, both of which are now complete. Phase 1 has used an online questionnaire to collect information on the use of online mental health self-help programmes and the associated technology. Phase 2 has used interviews to explore in more depth the experience of using online mental health self-help programmes. Analysis of the information collected through the survey and interviews is underway.

**Participation in this research is now closed.**